Are you Ready to Free Yourself from the Cycle of Problem Drinking?

If so, working with an experienced alcohol therapist in Chicago who specializes in moderation management could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

If you are one of the many successful professionals in Chicago who enjoys a rich social life, then you likely face countless drinking situations. Even if your drinking seems “better than most people,” there may be some occasions that leave you feeling worried. Have you crossed the invisible line into the territory of problem drinking? Call us today today at (312) 715-8234 ext 1.

Do you ever:

  • Drink past the “tipping point” and experience memory brown-outs or blackouts?

  • Lose your valuables on drinking occasions, such as your wallet, keys, or phone?

  • Make phone calls or send text messages that you regret once you’re sober?

  • Wake up with anxiety or shakiness, and find that the only thing that seems to help is “one small drink” to “take the edge off”?

  • Worry that your significant other will leave you, throw you out of the house, or force you to give up drinking forever?


    If this sounds like you, please keep reading – you are not alone… 

    These problems might not happen to you daily. And yet, you worry – the last thing you want is to compromise your reputation or lose your credibility with others. You have a good life – and a lot to lose if things get worse. 

    Research shows that nearly 1 in 3 adults in the United States are problem drinkers. 

    The good news is that it is possible for you to regain control. It doesn’t have to involve rehab, AA, or even a lifetime of abstinence. For the vast majority of problem drinkers, moderation is possible. 

    We are board-certified and licensed therapists who can help you change your drinking behavior. Whether you want to quit smoking, moderate your alcohol intake, or are suffering from anxiety or depression, we can help you develop the roadmap to change. Our therapists have extensive experience in the art and science of moderation management, and will work with you to develop an individually-tailored treatment plan that fits your specific needs. Call us today at (312) 715-8234 ext 1. 

    Through working with an alcohol counselor in Chicago, you can:

  • Stop the cycle of problem drinking so you can start enjoying life again

  • Break free from urges and cravings that get in the way of your marriage, work, or friendships

  • End your alcohol binges and enjoy controlled drinking

  • Break out of the shame spiral of bad behavior

  • Overcome old habits so you can live a life of integrity


    What makes our alcohol counseling stand apart from other therapists in Chicago? 

  • We are passionate about helping you integrate your values with your behaviors. We use research-based methods that teach you tools starting from the very first session. Together we can work to find solutions that lead to relief from problem drinking. Our alcohol counselors aspire to help you find solutions that lead to the life you desire and envision for yourself.

  • We use evidence-based practices. New research on alcohol abuse emerges constantly, shaping the field of psychology, human behavior, and neuroscience. We will look at the best available evidence to create a plan tailored to your goals that harnesses the latest advances in research.

  • We focus on possibilities, not labels. Most people who struggle with problem drinking are riddled with shame, and worry about being labeled an alcoholic. There is nothing helpful about calling someone an “alcoholic.” There is, however, great possibility in taking an honest look at how your behaviors are leading to negative consequences. Your counselor will build on your intrinsic motivation to live a life of integrity.

  • We support the family system. Even if you are not the one struggling with problem drinking, we are here to provide support and guidance while you navigate the challenges of a loved one’s problem drinking. We are here to help you understand the “why” of your loved one’s drinking while designing a path forward.

    You can regain control. 

    Are you ready to find your direction?

    If you answered yes, here’s what to do:

1.    Call 312-715-8234 ext. 1 to get your questions answered about how we can help.   

2.    If you’re ready to schedule today, our phone specialist will set you up for an initial in-person consultation to get you started.