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Help With Problem Drinking

Do any of the following mirror your current experience? Do you

  • Drink past the “tipping point” and experience memory brownouts or blackouts?
  • Wake up with anxiety or shakiness, and find that the only thing that seems to help is “one small drink” to “take the edge off”?
  • Worry that your significant other will leave you, throw you out of the house, or force you to give up drinking forever?

If this sounds like you, you are not alone and counseling may help you.

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Free yourself from the cycle of self-destructive behavior.

With our many behavior change counseling services, and team of specialized counselors to meet your needs, you can regain control. It doesn't have to involve intensive treatment or admitting that you're powerless. Unleash your power to change.

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Services and Specialties

Alcohol Moderation

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Concerned Significant Others

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Relationship Therapy

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Race-Based Traumatic Stress

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Chicago Collective Grief Support Group

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Emotional Eating

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You’ve succeeded at almost everything. Except when it comes to a certain behavior.

If you are a high-achieving professional who enjoys an active social life when you're not going all-out at work, you face unprecedented levels of stress. This is especially true for those who face tough challenges using logic, an even-temperament, and an unstoppable drive for success.

Achievement-oriented people are more likely to fall into patterns of problem behavior. You can be successful in all that you do - except when it comes to a problem behavior. You might find yourself in situations that include overuse of alcohol, gambling, drug use, overeating, or extramarital encounters. Even though your use of alcohol or other limiting behaviors rarely leads to problems, it makes sense if you want to prevent yourself from ending up in a bad situation in the future.


Chicago Compass Counseling’s Team

Matt Lawson, MA, NCC, LPC <br> Community Ambassador & Social Media Strategist
Matt Lawson, MA, NCC, LPC
Community Ambassador & Social Media Strategist
Galen H. Carter, LCSW
Galen H. Carter, LCSW
Dennis Nguyen, LCSW 
<br>Chief Operating Officer
Dennis Nguyen, LCSW
Chief Operating Officer
Alexandra Backis, LCSW <br> Clinical Director
Alexandra Backis, LCSW
Clinical Director
Ashyle Horton, LCSW
Ashyle Horton, LCSW
Christine Leone, LCSW, ICDVP
Christine Leone, LCSW, ICDVP
Kimberly Pilditch, LCSW
Kimberly Pilditch, LCSW
Jessica Wang,<br>Therapist
Jessica Wang,
Alexandra Reifenberg,<br>Therapist
Alexandra Reifenberg,
Kelsey Weissburg,<br>Therapist
Kelsey Weissburg,
Sarah Suzuki, LCSW, CRADC <br> Owner/Founder
Sarah Suzuki, LCSW, CRADC
Caroline Lin, CRC, LCPC <br> Therapist
Caroline Lin, CRC, LCPC

If you  or someone you love is struggling with self-destructive behavior, we can help.

Our expert team at Chicago Compass Counseling has extensive experience helping people create immediate and lasting change. We will collaborate with you to regain control. Contact us in our Chicago office today.