Recovery Counseling

Alcohol Abstinence and Addiction Recovery Counseling in Chicago, Illinois

Recovery means creating the life you want to live.

If you want support tailored to you, our alcohol and addiction recovery counseling can help. Rehab groups talk a lot about making sure you have a support system in place after treatment. Even if you only did a medical detox, you want to do whatever it takes to avoid going back.

Perhaps you're already attending aftercare groups, but you feel like group treatment isn't interested in who you are as an individual.

Recovery Counseling Success Stories


When Steve began aftercare counseling, he had been through every addiction and multiple rounds of rehab. He could recite everything he learned in detox, residential, IOP, and AA without blinking. Even though Steve was "good at treatment", he felt like he was a failure at sobriety. Steve never got the individual support he needed to turn his knowledge into success. Steve was open, honest, and willing, felt like he was missing something.

Through individual aftercare counseling, Steve was able to understand why he had been prone to addictive behaviors and why he had relapsed so many times. He practiced new skills in how he related to others. As Steve experienced the positive returns of his recovery, he became more confident and successful. He continued to work with his sponsor while engaging in his recommended aftercare treatment, finally mobilizing his knowledge into a meaningful recovery free of relapse.


Alcohol had ruined almost everything in Stephanie's life by the time she came to counseling. Over the decades of alcohol treatment and relapse, Stephanie had sought out individual counselors to increase her support. Even though she longed for individual attention, she felt like she always had to choose: she could either work with a counselor skilled at helping her cope with the traumas she had survived, or she could work with a counselor who specialized in addiction.

Stephanie received counseling that was both trauma-informed and oriented to addiction. Through this process, Stephanie practiced healthy coping skills for dealing with trauma and maintaining her sobriety. For the first time in her life, she was able to stay truly sober and face her present reality with confidence. Stephanie nurtured her inner resilience and found strength in recovery.


When Matt started counseling, he was unsure whether or not he needed rehab. He knew that drinking was making him feel more and more depressed, but wondered if he could get better if he figured out the root cause of his depression. It was clear he needed detox, treatment, and aftercare groups, but he felt scared about getting started.

Through individual counseling, Matt got the help he needed at a rehab he could trust. By understanding what to expect from the experience before making the commitment, he felt total buy-in with the process. Once he had completed his intensive treatment, he resumed individual counseling while maintaining his commitment in aftercare groups. Matt felt like he could use the skills and knowledge that applied to him from treatment in order to create the life he wanted to live. Matt maintained sobriety while engaging in a life worth living.

Note: To protect client confidentiality, all stories above are composites of multiple clients we have worked with in our practice.

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Recovery is about more than stacking sober time. You deserve fulfillment.

Whether you have been to rehab once, twice, or twelve times, our aftercare counseling goes beyond repeating the same old topics and skills you've gone over a million times. We work closely with you to illuminate who you are beyond a label or a diagnosis.

There is so much more to your recovery than just checking off your sober days. We empower you to mobilize your vision and core values. If you're ready for recovery that goes deeper than a textbook, we are here to help. Our goal is to help you wake up every morning feeling excited about your life.

Groups tend to make us think that the most important thing about us is the number of days we've been clean and sober. If you feel like the only thing you're doing right now is collecting sobriety chips, then you are not alone. Most people in recovery find themselves wondering, "Is this as good as it gets"?

It's time to start thriving, instead of just surviving.

The life you love is waiting for you in your recovery. Alcohol recovery counseling can reveal your true purpose. You can live a life where passion, love, creativity, and gratitude are a part of your daily experience. Feel good about the life you wake up to each morning.

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Alcohol Recovery Counseling Tailored to You

Your individuality matters.

Our alcohol recovery counseling focuses on who you are as a person. We care about your goals and values as you move towards health. We recognize that group therapy can be extremely beneficial: it can help you identify strategies, take responsibility, and consolidate skills. Our commitment is to help you mobilize the solutions that work in your individual recovery path.

Your recovery can include the program that works for you.

As counselors who are experienced in multiple treatment modalities, we support the program that works for you. If you resonate with 12-step groups like AA, NA, or Alanon, we can incorporate discoveries you make in your step work in our counseling. If you are not interested in 12-step groups, we can support your work in groups like SMART Recovery, Moderation Management, Inc., or professionally-facilitated group therapy.

You can finally feel like more than an "addict" or an "alcoholic".

You are more than a label. Your future is rich with possibilities. In counseling, we start with the truth that you are already a whole person - not a diagnosis. Even if you are in AA and identify as an alcoholic, we understand that "powerless over alcohol" doesn't mean "powerless in life". We work with you to tap into your potential for lasting transformation.

You can connect and heal in a positive way.

Loving connection to others is the greatest safeguard against relapse. Our relational foundation mobilizes trust, respect, and radical acceptance to help you connect with others in a healthy, loving way. We will work with you to repair damaged relationships, heal from old wounds, and connect to new people in a positive way.

Frequently asked questions about individual aftercare counseling:

Q. I've never been to rehab, but I've stopped drinking and using drugs on my own. Can you help?

Yes. We can work with you to develop a recovery plan based on what you have already accomplished while offering tools to help you succeed.

Q. I don't know if AA or NA is for me. What can you do to help me figure this out?

We are experienced 12-step facilitators who are also trained in other methods of recovery counseling. If you discover that you resonate with AA or NA, we can support your work along the way. If you feel like it's not a good fit, we can direct you to other forms of support.

Q. How do I get started?

You can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 715-8234. Our client services coordinator will answer your questions and match you with the best counselor to meet your needs.

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