Why Finding a Therapist Is So Hard (And How I Can Help)

Why finding a therapist is so hard

The Exhausting Process of Finding a Therapist *Is finding a therapist harder than actually going to therapy?* Searching for a therapist starts with combing through endless listings and repetitive descriptions. But even if you find someone appealing, connecting remains difficult. You have to verify your insurance coverage, availability, and schedules. After countless emails, forms, and insurance…

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Unmasking Marianismo: The Silent Pressure on Latinas

As we enter Hispanic and Latina/o/e Heritage Month, I find myself reflecting on the cultural concept of Marianismo and its impact on Latinas. While many are familiar with Machismo, discussions around Marianismo often remain on the sidelines, even though its repercussions are profound. It’s crucial to dive deep into the gender roles that persistently influence…

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Cracking the Code: AI’s Secrets to Spotting Mental Health Woes

Mental health disorders affect millions worldwide, and their impact can be profound. Detecting and addressing these disorders early is crucial for improving outcomes and enhancing the overall well-being of individuals. Traditionally, the identification of mental health issues has relied on subjective assessments and clinical observations, which can be prone to human error and may delay…

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The Truth Beneath Labels

Conversations with a Wounded Healer with Sarah Buino and Christine Leone

Christine Leone Explores Systemic Racism on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’ “What it takes to make these kinds of changes, it’s really just shaking the foundation and letting it fall apart.” – Christine Leone Dive into the compelling conversation on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’ featuring our therapist, Christine Leone, as she delves into societal…

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7 Trailblazing Indigenous Women in Mental Health You Need to Know About

As mental health continues to be an important topic of conversation, it’s crucial to highlight the voices of Indigenous women who are working to improve access and care for their communities. This article will introduce you to seven Indigenous women who significantly impact mental health. Through their work, these women are addressing the unique challenges…

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Illinois Social Workers and Counselors: Our CE Renewal Bundle is Here!

Bundle and save 35% on three CE courses

If you’re a Social Worker or Professional Counselor in Illinois, 2023 is the license renewal year. And this year there are some new requirements. Specifically:  We’re here to help! Now for only $29, you can get all three of our CE courses plus access to our free (non-CE) sexual harassment prevention training for Chicago/Illinois.  What makes…

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Healing in Color: Strategies for Building Resilience in Black Communities

We entered into Black History Month morning, the latest shooting of a black man in Tennessee. Tyre Nichols’s face was added to a collage of people of color who have died due to police violence. The black community is once again left asking many questions, morning the loss, and feeling a little less safe. During…

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An Interview With Kimberly Pilditch of Chicago Compass Counseling

Spotlight on Kimberly Pilditch, Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL How does love and a commitment to liberation support effective treatment of anxiety? Today, we’d like to introduce you to Kimberly Pilditch, LCSW. In this interview, we explore Kimberly’s journey to becoming a specialist in treating anxiety, and how faith led her…

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