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Habits, Addictions, and Power – Podcast with Benjamin Ritter

Ever wonder why you feel compelled to have a beer after work? Check out the enlivening conversation between Sarah Suzuki and Executive Consultant Benjamin Ritter in a podcast where they talk about the REAL reasons men feel compelled to engage in problem drinking behavior. In this podcast, they discuss the following: How self-destructive habits are…

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Ask Anything: Does Butt Chugging Reduce Calories Consumed?

Bottoms Up, BC! For your benefit, I will now review the history of butt-chugging The alcohol-enema (fondly referred to as butt-chugging) became a media sensation in 2004 after the death of one 58-year-old Texan, Michael Warner, who, with the help of his wife, anally administered sherry. He allegedly chose to butt-chug in order to avoid…

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Transform Performance Anxiety into Performance Enhancement

Big presentation coming up? If you’re like most people, you will feel a little bit nervous. You might even drink at the end of the day leading up to your performance, thinking this will help you “unwind.” The problem is that alcohol hinders peak performance when the event arrives. The good news is that this…

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Why You Should Have a Relapse Prevention Plan

It’s clear that the ideal time to intervene is when you notice the onset of an alcohol Prelapse – a shift in your mindset that indicates you are working towards a regression back to old habits. However, most people who are starting the process of behavior change are simply trying to prevent a full-blown alcohol…

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