A Reflection on Modern Dating: For Best Results Stay True to You!

December is a particularly difficult month to be single. It is a season of sensual, sensory overload: matching pajama sets, clinking mugs at the Christkindl Market, Starbucks peppermint mocha, and familial inquiries, “anyone special in your life this year?” If you are noticing within yourself a desire for physical touch, connection, and/or companionship, you are…

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How Does Midlife Crisis Affect Men and Families?

PsychCentral writer Jon Patrick Hatcher interviewed Sarah Suzuki on male midlife crisis (Check out the full interview here): Licensed Social Worker and owner of Chicago Compass Counseling Sarah Suzuki shares, “What I often hear from men is, ‘I’m already halfway dead, so what’s the point of going on?’ They feel as though their purpose is…

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What Makes Interracial Couples Different?

On our second date, we went to the Chicago History Museum. They were running an exhibit on race and I wanted to suss out how this White Guy from Wisconsin would react to it. If this wasn’t going to work out, the earlier I knew, the better. Plus, they were free on Tuesdays. Fast forward…

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