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Farewell, Strategic Accommodation: An Elegy to White Supremacy

What does it mean to live in survival mode, to survive as an Asian American in a racist country? As a child growing up in a white suburb during the 90s “colorblindness” era, I wasted many years strategically accommodating White Supremacy. Wasting energy. Wasting time. Diminishing myself to uphold White Supremacy. Again. And again. While…

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Why Therapists are in Denial About Denial

Ah, denial: the hallmark of addiction. “He’s in denial,” a therapist will say to me, usually with a raised eyebrow and heavy sigh. The field of substance abuse was built on a professional foundation of breaking through denial. “Therapeutic communities” like Synanon in California (basically a treatment cult) would break through the denial of their…

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