Battle Stress With Battle Ropes

It’s an hour before kickoff on Sunday afternoon. My family has had a long weekend of getting together with friends up in the mountains for the weekend. As with most Sundays, there is a laundry list of things to do to prepare for the week ahead of us. When my wife approaches me to take…

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Pandemic Pounds a Problem? Take These 3 Steps to Reclaim Your Waistline

The pandemic has not been kind to our waistlines. In fact, the “APA’s survey of U.S. adults, conducted in late February 2021 by The Harris Poll, shows that a majority of adults (61%) experienced undesired weight changes—weight gain or loss—since the pandemic started, with 42% reporting they gained more weight than they intended. Of those,…

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What Simone Biles Tells us About Putting Our Mental Health First

The camera zooms in on Simone Bile’s face. She is the picture of concentration and focus. She is lined up for the beat board and launches herself down the mat. She hits the vault, tucks tight, and stumbles a bit on her landing but recovers into a solid finish. Suddenly she walks away. Not only…

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