Racial Trauma

The Truth Beneath Labels

Conversations with a Wounded Healer with Sarah Buino and Christine Leone

Christine Leone Explores Systemic Racism on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’ “What it takes to make these kinds of changes, it’s really just shaking the foundation and letting it fall apart.” – Christine Leone Dive into the compelling conversation on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’ featuring our therapist, Christine Leone, as she delves into societal…

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Healing in Color: Strategies for Building Resilience in Black Communities

We entered into Black History Month morning, the latest shooting of a black man in Tennessee. Tyre Nichols’s face was added to a collage of people of color who have died due to police violence. The black community is once again left asking many questions, morning the loss, and feeling a little less safe. During…

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