Better Balance Makes For Better Gaming

The first game that really grabbed me was The Legend of Zelda. I am part of the gaming generation that played the original eight-bit version on the first Nintendo. I remember losing an entire Saturday morning, playing with my brother solving puzzles, and conquering level bosses. Of course, that is until the Nintendo would freeze,…

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When Self Care Isn’t Enough

The idea of self-care has become more and more popular in recent years. Self-care as it is currently conceptualized is defined as anything we do to help take care of our mental, physical or emotional well-being. A quick Google search pulls up literally hundreds of ideas from yoga, to journaling, to drinking enough water. In…

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Grief for a Celebrity is Still Grief

I had been working since 5 AM, so the plush chair in front of the large flat-screen television at DePaul Universities Recreation Center was a welcome sight. I was really looking forward to getting off my feet! I’d spent the last 5 hours training and was hoping to get a little lunch in me to…

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