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3 Essential Steps to Heal Complex Grief

While there are many things we can do to prepare for the death of someone we love, it’s impossible to prepare for complex grief.  For my family, the loss of our mother was complex.  When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, we faced the reality of loss. We knew that even the best treatment would…

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How Much Should Women Drink Per Week?

Brit + Co interviewed Sarah Suzuki on moderate drinking guidelines (Check out the full interview here.): “The problem with this restrictive guideline is that a lot of women might think, That’s not for me. I guess I’ll take the chance.’ It doesn’t offer flexibility for harm reduction,” Suzuki says. “There’s a big difference in health…

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How to Achieve Radical Control

Watch Chicago Compass Counseling owner Sarah Suzuki talk about the meaning of Radical Control and how she learned to face her fear of failure. From Live for Yourself: Facing Your Fears 2/19/18 #lfyevents #liveforyourself

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7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Drug and Alcohol Use

Are you worried that your use of drugs or alcohol has become problematic? If so, you’re not alone. Most people who worry about their use of drugs and alcohol struggle to find an objective measurement to help them understand whether or not they have a problem. At what point should you consider reaching out for…

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5 Reasons You Drink Every Night

Drinking every night is just something you do. Sure, you’re not DEPENDENT on alcohol. But the thought of taking a night off of drinking feels… uncomfortable. Every day, after work, you pour yourself a drink. Maybe it’s a beer after you put the kids to bed. It’s become part of the Bedtime Routine: Feed the…

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10 Strategies to Instantly Control Your Drinking

Drinking can be fun, pleasurable, and productive. When you go out for drinks with co-workers and clients, you can build a social bond that can help get you score a promotion. You can split a bottle of wine with your significant other over a nice dinner, kill a case of beer with your best friends…

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How to Make the Most of IOP

So you’re stuck in Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP, for short). The top complaint I hear about IOP? That it’s boring, stupid, and a waste of time. Then why do therapists keep sending their clients to IOP? I will share a secret with you that most people don’t know, including the other people in your program:…

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3 Strategies Women Can Use to Reconnect to the Intuitive Self and Reduce Problem Drinking

How many times as women are we told to “calm down?” stop overreacting?” Stop being so “dramatic?” You’re being crazy. It’s all in your head.” Messages like these are constant and disproportionately directed at women. This is the false cultural narrative of the “Irrational Woman.” As women, we’re seen as “emotional”, “reactive”, “unstable” and are…

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Habits, Addictions, and Power – Podcast with Benjamin Ritter

Ever wonder why you feel compelled to have a beer after work? Check out the enlivening conversation between Sarah Suzuki and Executive Consultant Benjamin Ritter in a podcast where they talk about the REAL reasons men feel compelled to engage in problem drinking behavior. In this podcast, they discuss the following: How self-destructive habits are…

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