Dennis Nguyen, LCSW

Men's Behavior Change Counselor for Chicago Compass Counseling
LGBT+ Counselor for Chicago Compass Counseling

Hi, I'm Dennis.
I help men implement data-driven strategies to eliminate self-destructive behaviors.

On Being a Counselor

If you're a high-achieving man, you face non-stop pressure to achieve. You've got a vision for your life, but wonder when you're going to start getting the results you desire. You might find yourself in situations at work or home that leave you feeling frustrated. After all, it's hard to find time for satisfaction when people are counting on you to succeed.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You might feel like life is passing you by. It doesn't help when it seems like the people you care about most only notice you when you make a mistake. If feeling unfulfilled is affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to get into counseling.

It's possible to start feeling in control. I help men who feel unfulfilled remove obstacles to success. Whether you are looking to manage anger effectively, break the cycle of self-destructive behavior, or improve your relationship, I will help you achieve the change you desire. I offer strategic, brief, solution-focused therapy designed to get you where you want to be. You can expect a welcoming, motivating process focused on your goals. This starts by breaking down each goal into easily achievable tasks.

Evidence-based counseling can help you quickly achieve your goals. Through open-minded presence, I provide a collaborative space where you can be yourself free of negative judgement. You can begin to replace feelings of boredom and disconnection with lasting satisfaction.

Change is possible. Together, we'll will identify the strategies to help you get to a place where you're living life on your terms.

Practitioner Background

I decided to become a counselor after my school counselor helped me feel like change was possible, despite being in a dark place back then. By putting my emotions into words, I had the keys to finally unlock my purpose.

This led me to focus on helping men achieve success through actionable strategies. My experience working at multiple levels of healthcare has helped me appreciate the importance of discovering inner confidence.

As a counselor, I am inspired by seeing people who take the first step towards growth by deciding to make a change. In return, you can expect feedback-oriented, collaborative counseling that adds value to your life. Evidence-based counseling helps you replace self-destructive habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Let's get you to a place you want to be. Reach out to schedule your first appointment. When you call our scheduling line, our Client Services Coordinator can answer any questions you might have. To schedule your first appointment, call (312) 715-8234, or email [email protected] to schedule your first appointment. I'm here for you.

More About Dennis

Key Philosophical Beliefs

  • Data-driven strategies help people achieve success.
  • All people deserve a safe space to explore who they want to become.
  • Counseling should be collaborative and feedback-oriented.
  • Men deserve respectful spaces free of negative judgment.
  • Self-destructive habits are learned behaviors to cope with stress.
  • Every healing journey is unique and thus requires an individualized approach.

Counseling Training

  • Master's in Social Work (MSW) from Grand Valley State University
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Training
  • Family Systems Training
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Training
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Training
  • Motivational Interviewing Training
  • Family-Focused Therapy Training
  • Trauma Focused Therapy Training

Specializations and Experience

  • Evidence-Based Counseling
  • Men's Issues
  • Polyamory or Nontraditional Relationships
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • Present-Centered Therapy for PTSD
  • LGBT+ Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety
  • Behavioral Activation for Depression
  • Gender Expression and Identity

Dennis as a Person

I was born and raised in Holland, Michigan. I studied and worked in nearby Grand Rapids, Michigan for a few years before deciding to give Chicago a try.

I love to bake/cook/eat! When I can, I like to pick a new recipe on the weekends to try out. I'm particularly known for making fun bread puddings. And there's something about sharing a meal with people I love that is particularly meaningful. I love to explore the city. There are so many nooks and crannies that are begging to be found! I like to pick a restaurant in a new area and then spend the afternoon walking around the neighborhood.
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