Group Therapy
in Chicago, IL

Your Path to Shared Healing

At Chicago Compass Counseling, we harness the collective power of group therapy to bring about healing, understanding, and growth. Located in the heart of Chicago, our group sessions are a sanctuary where shared stories and experiences come together, fostering an environment of empathy and empowerment. Fill out our contact form to get started. 

Connect with People Who Understand Your Experience

Our groups can help you:

  • Get support from others who understand your experience
  • Experience healing in community
  • Validate your thoughts and feelings - free of negative judgment
  • Know that you are not alone


Our Chicago-based group therapy provides a supportive community for navigating life’s complex challenges. Whether you feel alone in loving someone with addiction or are seeking solace amid grief, you don’t have to go through it by yourself. Our groups offer:

  • Get Accessible Support: Connect with peers who can empathize and provide insight into your struggles. We offer telehealth and in-person services.
  • Move Beyond Individual Self-Care: Find community and strength in shared support.
  • Build Shared Capacity: When we come together, we can share wisdom and enhance our capacity to leverage healthy coping.

Connection to Others is Essential to Healing

You can connect with others who know exactly what it is like to walk in your shoes. Together, we will illuminate new paths to healing. Change is possible. Reach out today to get started. We’re here for you.

Current Offerings:

Collective Grief Group:

Meets monthly, first Thursdays, virtually from 4-5:00 PM. Process personal grief and emotional wounds related to societal injustices. Click here to find out more.