Parent and Family Counseling
in Chicago, IL

How Family Counseling Helps

If you are the parent of a teen who is struggling with self-destructive behaviors, it makes sense if you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Family counseling is structured to help you get strategies and support to help your teen succeed in the change process. Your teen may be getting individual counseling from a therapist in our group. Family counseling can help you better understand the process, with specific recommendations to support your teen along the way.

Common Concerns Addressed

  • Disagreements over school, leisure activities, or social activities
  • Conflict related to video game behavior or internet use
  • Power struggles over “screen time” and devices
  • Acting-out and aggressive behaviors at home
  • Academic underachievement
  • Communication breakdowns and isolating behaviors

We’re Here To Help You Support the Family System.

Get Strategies to Help Your Teen Succeed.

Your teenager may be giving mixed signals about what they want from you. It can be hard to tell when they are testing a boundary in a healthy way versus when they are needing significant intervention from you. Our family counselors are here to help you get specific strategies to help your teen thrive.

Feel confident in your role as a parent again.

If you struggle to recognize your teen as the same child you once knew, you are not alone. We are here to help you feel supported and confident re-establishing a strong relationship with your teen while helping your teen succeed. Using the strengths you already have, your family counselor will help you create lasting change.

Frequently asked questions about Family Counseling:

Q. Who attends Family Counseling?

We usually start by involving the parents or caregivers of the teen. Your counselor will meet for an 80-minute intake consultation to get a better understanding of your current experience and goals. If you are the primary parent involved in your teen’s treatment, you may attend Family Counseling individually. The family counselor may also recommend involving additional family members if this becomes relevant.

Q. Can I get Family Counseling from the counselor who is working with my teen?

While you may be involved in the scheduling and coordination of counseling for your teen, we will set you up with a different counselor for Family Counseling. This separation of services is designed to protect the relationship your teen’s has with their individual counselor. Your teen’s counselor may involve you at some point in their care if this is recommended.

Q. What kind of communication do your counselors have with each other?

Our counselors work as a team. We confer with each other when this is in our client’s best interest. We also do group consultation once per month to create integrity in our treatment process. We are always careful to protect the confidentiality of our client. You are encouraged to talk with your counselor directly about any concerns you have about team communication.

Q. My teen doesn’t want individual counseling, but I want support to help them. Can I attend Family Counseling?

Yes. Our Family Counselors will work with you to get a sense of your current concerns, and make recommendations for moving forward. If your teen is seeing a counselor outside of our practice, your Family Counselor will talk to you about care coordination.

Q. How do I get started?

You can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 715-8234. Our Intake Coordinator will answer your questions and match you with the best counselor to meet your needs.