Conversations with a Wounded Healer with Sarah Buino and Christine Leone

The Truth Beneath Labels

Christine Leone Explores Systemic Racism on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’

“What it takes to make these kinds of changes, it’s really just shaking the foundation and letting it fall apart.”

– Christine Leone

Dive into the compelling conversation on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer’ featuring our therapist, Christine Leone, as she delves into societal issues with host Sarah Buino. Our introduction and the show notes are below if you’d like a preview of their discussion.

Unveiling Deeper Truths: A Therapist’s Journey

Ever wondered about the deeper truths that lie beneath our daily interactions? The podcast ’Conversations with a Wounded Healer,’ steered by accomplished therapist and social worker Sarah Buino, seeks out these hidden depths.

In a recent episode, Sarah invited a colleague from our team at Chicago Compass Counseling, Christine Leone, to the discussion. Known for her bold approach as a therapist, Christine doesn’t hesitate to unveil hard truths.

A Unique Lens on Societal Challenges: Christine Leone in Focus

Christine’s journey from New York City to Portland, and now Chicago, has equipped her with a unique lens on societal challenges, especially systemic racism. During her conversation with Sarah, Christine urges therapists to face and dismantle these systemic barriers.

Check out the show notes below for a sneak peek into Christine’s insightful dialogue. Better yet, immerse yourself in the rich discussion by pressing play on the embedded podcast. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear how our very own Christine Leone bravely brings to light the truths that usually remain in the shadows.

If you’d prefer to listen firsthand to Christine Leone’s conversation on ‘Conversations with a Wounded Healer,’ we’ve made it easy for you with the embedded podcast below.

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Show Notes

The thing about labels is they inevitably peel away. What’s underneath can surprise, delight, or disappoint. Christine Leone, LCSW, has experience shining a light on realities folks would instead leave in the dark. As a child, she and her family left liberal NYC for Portland, OR, the little-big city advertised as a cultural and political utopia. In actuality, life in that PNW paradise was anything but. A social worker and therapist since 2008, Christina has relocated to Chicago, where she recently left the rigors of community mental health care for the freedoms afforded in private practice. She focuses on balancing self-care and community support while providing healing spaces for others.

Delve into the Dialogue

“From a very young age, I always had a sense that something was not right, and I think that may be in part because of my cultural identity,” Christine observes. “Being half white and half Latina, I had a foot in different worlds and a window to different experiences.” This duality has placed her close to privilege and the problems inherent with unchecked power. In moving to Portland so her mother could attend law school, Christine and her family discovered that the city’s progressive patina obscured a very different––and dangerous––reality. “Under the guise of liberalism, there’s definite, blatant racism,” Christine says, adding, “but I’ve discovered also that that’s kind of everywhere.”

Portland’s right-wing problems play out in obvious, newsworthy ways. But Christine argues that it’s the less blatant, passive-aggressive racism embedded in well-meaning care systems that takes a more insidious toll. “In nonprofits and community mental health, there’s a whole lot of talk about systemic change, doing the right things,” Christine acknowledges. “The talk sounds good––DEI initiatives and all of that. But folks are really just unable and unwilling, I don’t wanna say unable, but unwilling to apply those things to themselves.”

A Note From Sarah Buino

This podcast exists because I’m desperate for therapists to do their own work, to break the cycle of harm we perpetuate with clients and each other. Christine agrees. “There’s nothing more dangerous than a therapist who is unwell.”

It’s beyond time we unpack the systemic racism hidden beneath all those shiny labels.


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