Wellness Counseling for Men

Counseling for Men in Chicago, Illinois

You, optimized

You're the kind of guy who sees what other people don't. You've forged your own path to success - whether or not you've received recognition. The epitome of self-reliance. Except, every now and then, it might seem like life is passing you by. You go to bed at night and wonder, "Is this it?"

You take care of the kids without complaint. You're a team player at work. You have a vision. You stay strong - even when the people you love most are stressed out. You're proud to be someone who provides. Stand-up guys carry care about the people they love. That makes it tough when your partner criticizes you. You're someone who shows up in everything that you do.

Wellness Counseling for Men can help. Strategic men's counseling is a short-term, focused model of guidance designed to help you do what you do best: achieve success.

You, Optimized. Chicago Counseling for Men.

Create the life you desire.

You know what makes you feel good. You've sacrificed a lot to provide for others. Wellness Counseling for Men is designed to offer you tailor-made strategies based on your vision. Our short-term, strategic counseling is specifically designed to help you provide for others from a place of true strength. Each session focuses on helping you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You deserve to wake up each morning - infused with a sense of purpose - and to go to bed at night, satisfied, a day well-lived.

Your vision. Expert Consultation.

You are the author of your destiny. Wellness Consultation for men starts by recognizing that you have the vision and strength to achieve all that you desire. You set the agenda. Your strengths forge the pathway to success.

Strategic counseling, focused on you.

You set the agenda. We ensure your match with an expert counselor who is up-to-date on the latest research of quantum change. You get ongoing and immediate feedback tailored to your goals.

You are powerful.

You get a menu of options based on your vision. You choose the path. At your first consultation, you will receive immediate feedback and a plan of action. Your counselor will work with you to pilot a game plan for success. Each Consultation offers you a range of effective strategies.

Let's get started - call or text (312) 715-8234.

Frequently asked questions about the Collateral Sessions:

Q. What happens at my first consultation?

Your first consultation is 80-minutes in length. Your counselor will carefully review your intake paperwork before meeting with you. The first part of the meeting will focus on understanding your goals and values. Your counselor will then spend time assessing relevant background information. In the final part of the meeting, your counselor will offer you a menu of options based on your goals. Your recommendations will include a variety of options, including continuing with counseling, trying out strategies on your own, or pursuing other behavior change resources.

Q. How long will it take to accomplish my goals?

We work with highly motivated, accomplished professionals who are ready to create the lives they want to live. If you come to Consultation prepared to troubleshoot one issue, such as fantasizing about extramarital experiences, you and your counselor can focus on accomplishing your objectives in less than 3 months. Sometimes our clients identify new goals in the course of our work. We will always let you know how long we expect it will take to achieve your objectives and offer you alternatives to counseling, including referral to self-study material and free support groups.

Q. What if my partner wants to join me for a session?

If you feel that it would be beneficial to have a collateral session with your partner, then you and your counselor will discuss what that might look like before meeting. Partners and family members can provide invaluable support as collaterals in the process of behavior change. We do not, however, offer couples counseling. Why? Because YOU are our main focus. If your partner would like to attend your initial intake session, be sure to notify our Client Services Coordinator when you call to schedule at (312) 715-8234 ext. 1.

Q. What if my partner, family member, or friend contacts you?

We can neither confirm nor deny your participation in therapy to an outsider without your written consent. This is to protect your privacy. Your right to privacy and discretion is extremely important to us.

Q. You talk a lot about alcohol abuse and addiction on your website. Do you treat issues other than alcohol abuse?

Yes. In addition to treating alcohol problems, we also provide treatment for depression, drug addiction recovery, anger management, anxiety, relationship difficulties, work stress, impulse control disorders, and relational trauma. We help family members who are worried about their loved one's behavior. If you are unsure whether we deal with your particular issue, please call our client coordinator at (312) 715-8234 ext. 1 to get started.

Q. How can Consultation help? I always solve my own problems.

The majority of clients who come to us have never seen a counselor before. Our clients are proactive, motivated, and successful in multiple areas of life. It is extremely common to be successful in life while wondering if things can be even better. We view consultation as an investment in your continued life success.

Q. How do I get started?

You can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 715-8234 ext. 1. Our Client Services Coordinator will answer your questions and match you with the best counselor to meet your needs.