Wishing You The Best of Luck!

Good luck! Best of Luck! May good luck and fortune follow you where ever you go! Sending good luck vibes your way!

February first kicked off the first day of Chinese New Year and, good luck talk is in the air. This annual fifteen-day festival ushers China and Chinese communities worldwide in the new year. The traditions behind this festival are steeped in superstition aim to support a prosperous year.

Luck-talk is a coined term associated with this event and is something that is part of the enjoyment.

As part of this year’s celebration, I will give you five things you should do and five things you should avoid.

Do: Clean house- This has to be done before the start of the new year, or you risk washing away good luck from your home.

Don’t: Death Talk- It is considered bad luck and may bring bad tidings to talk about death within the first couple of days of the new year.

Do: Eat Sweets- Indulging a bit in sweet treats will ensure a prosperous year.

Don’t: Buy books- Buying books is considered bad luck because the Chinese character for a book is a homonym for the Chinese character for loss.

Do: Bathe in pomelo leaves- These leaves are found on trees that bear fruit related to grapefruits. Taking a bath in waters where these leaves have steeped will ensure health for the rest of the year.

Don’t: Buy a clock: Within the Chinese tradition buying a clock as a gift or for yourself limits a person’s life.

Do: Wear slippers bought before the new year- This is one of my favorites. Following this tradition ensures that you squash the people that gossip about you.

Don’t: Cussing: It is frowned upon to use foul language during this time of year, even more so than usual.

Do: Open Windows: We may be a little limited here in Chicago but this is pretty much a way to let the old out and the new in.

Don’t: Washing your clothes: Luckily this one is just for the first 2 days of the festival. These first couple of days are considered the birthday of the Water God, and it would be offensive to them.

So many more traditions go along with this holiday, and it can never hurt to add a little extra luck to your year. Let me know if you try any of these, and wishing you nothing but luck, love, and health in the Chinese New Year.

Matt Lawson, MA, NCC, LPC

Matt Lawson, MA, NCC, LPC

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