Young Adult Anxiety Counseling

Individual Anxiety Counseling for Emerging
Adults in Chicago, Illinois

People say you have limitless potential. Why does unlocking it feel so hard?

Young adults in their twenties face tremendous pressure - especially when alcohol shows up as a problem. You're supposed to be succeeding at something, but the path may feel unclear. It doesn't help when you have people expecting you to be perfect - your parents, your friends, or the people you date.

You are smart, creative, and driven. Teachers and coaches nurtured your potential. Your parents only want you to be happy, but the only thing you feel is anxiety. Is this as good as it gets?

The overwhelming doubts and worries you feel today can be transformed into inspiration for a better life. We are here to help you create the life you want to live.

Young Adult Anxiety Counseling Success Stories


When Kate began counseling, she was in a bad place with her parents. Even though she had a full-time job and a college degree, her parents were constantly worried that she would binge-drink and get hurt. Kate felt frustrated by their non-stop worry, but also knew that she needed to change what she was doing so they could trust her.

After a short round of counseling, Kate was able to drink in moderation while setting healthy boundaries with her parents. Kate realized that she hated her job, and got one more suited to her goals. As her parents began to trust her more, she went through the day free of non-stop text messages and phone calls. This gave Kate the space to start dating and living life as a true adult. Kate felt healthy, confident, and assured.


When Chris came to counseling, he was breaking point. Everything he loved had been lost. After enduring months of a bad relationship and the eventual break-up, Chris self-medicated by binge drinking and using any drug he could find when he was out with friends. After being arrested for drunken assault, Chris lost his job - the one thing that gave him hope and purpose. Strapped for cash, Chris had to rely on his parents for financial support, which came at the high cost of them constantly calling and texting. He felt abandoned by all of his friends.

By the time counseling was completed, Chris reaped the benefits of using healthy coping skills that gave him control over his life. He was able to drink socially, but never to the point of blacking out. He got a job he loved, started a new creative project, and earned the respect of his friends by helping them understand what he had overcome. His friends admired his transformation. Confident in his path, Chris was able to manage communication with his parents on his own terms. Chris created the life he wanted to live.


When Megan started counseling, she felt as though she had lost control over her life. Even though drinking was a concern, she struggled the most with feelings of abandonment. Her dating relationships never ended well, and she felt abandoned by friends and family. Over time, her cries for help were met with silence. She was intelligent and driven to succeed, but needed to feel as though someone believed in her ability to change.

By the time counseling was completed, Megan had healed past wounds that got triggered by her present-day relationships. She was able to set boundaries with others while determining her future direction. Once she felt free of chronic anxiety, Megan realized that she was on the wrong career path for her happiness. She began a new career that gave her hope and purpose. Megan began to trust her intuition in guiding her life choices.

Note: To protect client confidentiality, all stories above are composites of multiple clients we have worked with in our practice.

We would love to help you, too. Contact us to get started today.

Counseling can help you create the life you want. Here's how:

Skillfully manage anxiety so that anxiety doesn't manage you.

Sometimes you need a comfortable space to hear yourself think. Counseling gives you space to figure out what to do next. Self-awareness flourishes when you can get centered and calm. Counseling can help you explore your values, consider your decisions, and feel good about your future by revealing your true direction. Counseling can help you get in the driver's seat of your life.

Understand the "why" behind your problem drinking.

When you're a young adult, drinking to the point of blacking out is a red flag for something else. Unlike adults in middle age who struggle with alcohol dependence, you may only drink on weekends or at special occasions. But blacking out when you drink again and again means that something else is wrong. You shouldn't have to live in fear of blacking out. Counseling can help. We can help you figure out what hurts, where things are feeling stuck, and how to feel confident enjoying social drinking.

Create the life you want to live.

Our attentive counselors will help you remove obstacles in your life. The most common concerns we address with our young adults are:

  • Dating and relationship problems
  • Alcohol abuse and problem drinking
  • Self-medicating anxiety
  • Low self-esteem/lack of confidence
  • Challenging relationships with parents
  • Social stress and friendship issues

If you are ready to realize your inner potential, we are here to help. Whether you are dealing with chronic feelings of anxiety or are stressed about a current situation, we are here to coach you towards success.

Let's get started.

What about alcohol moderation strategies?

We know that problem drinking in young adults is often a red flag for something else. Unlike middle-aged adults with alcohol dependence, twenty-somethings tend to have a different relationship with alcohol. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you only overdrink when you're with certain friends, but find yourself drinking to the point of blacking out?
  • Are you someone who only drinks a few days per week, but smokes weed on the other days?
  • Are your parents worried about your drinking?

If you answered "Yes" to the above, then you may be an excellent candidate for moderation strategies tailored to young adults. Contact us today to get started.

Frequently asked questions about young adult counseling:

Q. I want to use insurance but am under my parent's plan. How much will they know about my counseling?

Several of our young adult clients are under their parent's insurance or receive financial assistance to cover the cost of counseling. If your parent is the primary subscriber of your BCBS PPO insurance, then they will have access to information filed with the claim such as the date of service. We do not release information to your parent without first obtaining your written consent.

Q. Can my parent help me financially with the cost of counseling?

If your parent is assisting you financially (such as if you use your parent's credit card), then they will see charges billed by our practice as they are incurred. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain consent to use your parent's credit card from your parent prior to using it to hold an appointment or pay for any co-pays, deductibles, or cancellation fees. Additionally, if your parent decides to discontinue financial assistance, then you are held responsible for any out-of-pocket costs associated with your care.

Q. What if a family member or friend tries to contact you?

We can neither confirm nor deny your participation in therapy to an outsider without your written consent. This is to protect your privacy. Your right to privacy and discretion is extremely important to us. Please note that if your parent is helping you cover the cost of counseling or is the holder of your BCBS PPO policy, then they will be aware of your presence and participation in treatment.

Q. What if my parent or significant other wants to join me for a session?

If you feel that it would be beneficial to have a collateral session with your partner or significant other, then you and your counselor will discuss what that might look like prior to meeting. If your significant other or family member would like to attend your initial intake session, be sure to notify our scheduling coordinator when you schedule an intake.

Q. My parents want to help me. Can you give them advice?

We host an individual workshop series for parents who are looking for ways to be supportive of their adult children. Individual workshops for parents focus on effective strategies and skills to help them be supportive of your growth. This workshop is separate from your counseling, which preserves the integrity of your experience with your counselor.

Q. How do I get started?

Getting support is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Fill out our contact form.
  2. Book a complimentary Discovery Call with our Intake Coordinator. They’ll answer questions and determine the next steps.
  3. Get matched with a licensed counselor for an in-depth intake and customized treatment plan.

Our step-by-step process aims to make intake stress-free. Our caring Intake Coordinator will be there to guide you and your teen.